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The history of Mills, Potoczak & Company

Mills, Potoczak & Company, better known as MPC, began business in January 1991.  The firm was formed by 3 people including Mark Mills.  Bill Potoczak joined the firm as an owner in September 1991.  Over the years Mark and Bill purchased the shares of the other owners and have been equal owners since May 1997.  MPC currently has 15 employees and is located in Cleveland, Ohio. 

MPC started out providing traditional certified public accounting services such as audits and other financial reporting, tax compliance, and tax and financial planning.  In 1994, MPC began providing services to the then Viatical Settlement Market (“VSM”).  Over time MPC’s services to the VSM became larger adding several clients.  Eventually the overall market evolved into the Life Settlement Market (“LSM”) beginning around 2000. 

Since that time, the number of MPC’s LSM clients has increased to about 60.  There are about 15 that are relatively active at any one point in time.  MPC’s LSM clients are Funders and Providers, often working in tandem.  Many of MPC’s clients are international.  MPC’s life settlement services represent about 2/3 of firm revenue.


Contact27600 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 200 | Cleveland, Ohio 44122
Phone: 216-464-7481 | Fax: 216-464-7581
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