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Client Services

MPC provides a number of services to the LSM in addition to certified public accounting services to both LSM and other clients.  
Life Settlement Client Services:
  • Policy Purchase Certification- Review policy documentation files and compare to documentation and purchase criteria of a funder and issue a letter of compliance.  Certifications are approved by a principal of the firm.
  • Escrow Services- Establish escrow account for each client.  Hold contracts, funds and change forms in escrow until purchase and sale criteria are met.  Release change forms to insurance company.  Obtain acknowledged change forms.  Perform final agreed upon due diligence procedures and release funds.  All disbursements are approved by a principal of the firm.
  • Payment Authorization- Often times MPC works in tandem with a bank that acts as the escrow agent.  As a result, MPC performs all the same functions as the escrow agent noted above and then provides Payment Authorization to the bank acting as escrow agent.
  • Premium Payment Services- set up agreed upon premium payment stream in ledger system.  Bill client for premiums due each month.  Receive funding into escrow account and pay premiums or direct a paying agent, such as a bank to make the payments.
  • Life Tracking- please see below.
  • Death claims- Obtain death certificate.  Obtain claim forms, fill them out and send to insurance company.  Collect insurance benefit and make disbursements to funder.
  • Trust services- Act as trustee for policy portfolio.  Pay premiums, manage death claims, and prepare accounting records and reports.  Prepare and file tax returns.
  • Monthly accounting and reporting- Establish general ledger system to record and report cash activity of the escrow account or fund to include cost accounting of each life settlement purchased including the purchase price, fees and subsequent premium payments. 
  • Back-up servicer- Act as back-up servicer if fund administrator or provider can no longer provide servicing.
  • HIPAA updating- Obtain new HIPAA releases in conjunction with tracking services and established collection platform for releases, process to obtain new medical records and movement of files to client selected life expectancy environment.
Public accounting services:
  • Tax advice including income tax implication on maturities and withholding tax obligation on non-US entity distribution.
  • Financial reporting and presentation of Life Settlements in financial statements.
  • Tax return and annual 1099 preparation.


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