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Contact Information

27600 Chagrin Boulevard
Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio  44122-4464
Phone: 216-464-7481
Fax: 216-464-7581
  Direct Dial  
Brad W. Andersen Administrative Assistant 216-682-0823
RaShaun J. Birch Life Settlement Staff 216-682-0822
Debbie L. Cirincione Life Settlement Staff 216-682-0394
Bruce W. Ireland, CPA Senior Audit Manager 216-682-0846
Lorie L. Kaufman Life Settlement Staff 216-682-0396
Linda J. Lee Office Manager 216-682-0847
Melita K. McGowan Life Tracking Specialist 216-682-0845
Mark G. Mills  CPA Vice President 216-682-0840
Betsy V. Potiker Staff Accountant 216-682-0848
William M. Potoczak  CPA President 216-682-0849
Christina M. Shook Senior Life Settlement Staff 216-682-0850
Marie A. Simms  CPA Tax Staff 216-682-0844
Nicolas D. Valentino, J.D. CPA Director of Taxation 216-682-0851


Contact27600 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 200 | Cleveland, Ohio 44122
Phone: 216-464-7481 | Fax: 216-464-7581
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